The Process Of Selecting Candidates For A Position

Every firm needs a group of employees who can do the work they get. The kind of employees a firm has does have a direct impact on the success of a firm. Therefore, firms are very careful when it comes to selecting candidates for the positions they have. Whether it is for a single project or for a permanent position, to be successful a firm needs the best professionals.Though candidate selection is an important task it takes a lot of time and resources. Sometimes allocating such time and resources could delay the normal work of a firm which is a bad thing. Therefore, firms hire recruitment companies in Thailand to take care of the selection process. Good professionals hiring firm works in the following manner.

Identifying the Job Requirements

They begin their work by connecting with the client. Connecting with the client includes first understanding what kind of a firm their client is and then understanding what kind of a candidate they are willing to hire. Once the professionals hiring firm is sure about the kind of candidate they should be looking for they start their work.

Selection of Candidates

The selection of candidates can happen using multiple ways. The best recruitment agency already has a good and update candidate pool. So, their first action will be looking for the professionals who fit the description of the kind of candidate their client is looking for. There are times they have to go ahead and put an advertisement in media to find the right kind of candidates.

Interviews and Assessments

Once they have selected candidates who fit somewhat to the kind of professional they are looking for they start the interviewing process. First step is the telephone interview which allows them to narrow down the candidate list more. They then go ahead and start assessing the candidates by checking the references and such. Once all that is done the shortlisted candidates come for a face to face interview with the professionals hiring firm.

Handing Over the Candidate CVs to the Client

The people who make it through the face to face interview end up in the list, this professionals hiring firm hands over to their client. After looking at their CVs, the client calls them for interviews too.

Client Making the Final Decision

After meeting all the candidates the client gets the chance to make the final decision about hiring one of them.

Good professionals hiring firms go through all of these steps to make sure their clients get the best professionals in the field for their work.