Habits That Ruin Your Car Without Your Knowledge

Of course, we all love our vehicles. Which is why, we avoid certain behaviors within the car to ensure that no harm comes to it. For instance, people most often do not smoke much inside the vehicle since it can start fires accidently. However, there certain things that can ruin your car to a worse degree. Things that you are not at all aware of, but can cause unimaginable damage. Following are some such habits.

Defrosting with Hot Water
This is a mistake that almost all vehicle owners make during winter. It is understandable that you cannot avoid this situation. Unless, it is safely parked inside your garage, your vehicle will definitely be covered by a large amount of snow and frost. However, using hot water to defrost is not the best solution. Although, you may think that this is a quick solution, this can actually shatter your glass into pieces! The best way to solve the problem is to use an ordinary ice scraper.

Ignoring the Check Engine Light
Ignoring such important features in your vehicle can cause severe damage to your vehicle and its auto spare parts. If this particular light starts to blink, do not disregard it as a minor matter. When this light turns on, this means that something is wrong with your engine. It can be something simple or something serious. Even it is a simple problem, it is best to solve it then and there since if it goes untreated, it can develop into a severe issue that might cost you a lot to fix.

Using the Wrong Engine Oil
Yes, the good ones are expensive and therefore purchasing them – even once in a while – can affect your finances. However, imagine the money that you will have to spend on repair once this wrong engine oil ruins your engine along with all the other auto spare parts of your vehicle. The viscosity of the oil must be of high quality interior items Dubai. Therefore, it is best to stick to the recommendation of the manufacturer. If you do not what that it, refer to your vehicle manual since it might mention the suitable oil for your vehicle.

Filling the Radiator with Water
If there is any amount of water stuck in the system – especially from the air conditioning, you have to get it out immediately. When this water gets warmed up during summer, it can increase the temperature of the entire system, especially when it spreads. Once it gets cold during winter months, it can cause serious trouble to the gadgets in the system since it will expand. Therefore, remember that the habits that leave out as insignificant and irrelevant can cause the worst of damages.